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We empower women and girls

by providing body-positive, self-confidence building tools, resources and experiences where fitness and physical movement is the gateway to her feeling powerful in the skin she’s in.

We create opportunities where success on basketball courts, dance floors and yoga mats leads to success in academic performance; in the birth of teamwork and community; and in the creation of healthy habits that will further a girl's physical and emotional well being for the rest of her life. 

Our Work in Public Schools.

Read more about the underserved communities who need our help.  

Our Transformational Events.

Challenge both yourself and the pressures of impossible body standards at our events.

Your Impact.

See how you're directly impacting the lives of young women across the country.

Movemeant Foundation Premieres "Revolution" - A New Video For Body Positivity

Launching its latest movement, Movemeant Foundation is premiering “Revolution,” a new short video that challenges the status quo and encourages women to be radically honest about their bodies by embracing their #BellyJelly. The video is part of the Movemeant Foundation’s effort to bring high impact, body-positivity curriculum to public schools throughout the country. 

Watch it here and take action today.

See the full press release here and find tools to share the video here.

Movemeant Foundation Rings Bell to Open New York Stock Exchange

In recognition of philanthropic female entrepreneurship, Movemeant Foundation was invited to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, August 29.  This time-honored provided the opportunity to raise awareness for preventative health, fitness and body image programs through this national platform.  

Watch it here.  

See the full press release here


'Dare To Bare' in NYC this October with SoulCycle, Surfset, Bootcamp, Barre, HIIT, Hip Hop, Yoga and More!

'Dare To Bare' is Movemeant Foundation's flagship outdoor charity fitness event and the largest body-positive event across the country.   Together, we 'dare' ourselves to overcome the fears of our physical appearance in celebration of our physical strength, emotional fortitude, mental grit and self-love.  We move. We sweat.  We dance.  And we shed not just our shirts, but our insecurities—proving that bodies of all shapes and sizes are healthy and capable.

Dare To Bare NYC.  Sunday, October 2, 2016

Registration is now open!   Get your tickets here!

#ShePlaysWeWin - A Grant-Giving Collaboration with Acclaimed Photographer, Christin Rose

#ShePlaysWeWin is a dynamic, visual showcase of the positive power of sport and fitness on a young woman's self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.  

Together, we're awarding $20,000 in financial grants to up to 20 girls of economically-disadvantaged communities with high incidences of health-risk behaviors.  The goal is to uncover, support and document the powerful journey of girls as  as they take charge of their bodies through sport and fitness, sometimes for the very first time.

Learn More.  Apply Today!

#LoveMyShape - An Exciting Partnership with SHAPE

SHAPE—the leading women’s active lifestyle brand with an audience of more than 27 million—is embarking on a body confidence campaign devoted to encouraging women to embrace their unique physique, spread body positivity and change the body image conversation.   And Movemeant Foundation is joining them on this ground-breaking journey.  Read our story on Shape.com

Register today for SHAPE’s pop-up studio event in NYC on Oct. 22nd!

Click here for your tickets.

Our Body Positive 'Movemeant' Curriculum Heads into California Middle Schools this Fall!

This is Aptos Middle School—an at-risk, Title I school where the need for fitness-based programs is critical for the emotional, social and physical development of their students. To address their need, we delivered a 12-week body positivity curriculum under the modality of hip hop dance. Watch what happened.  

Now we're taking our curriculum to even more schools in need and further expanding it beyond dance to foster discoverability of the many ways our bodies can move.  


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Every Body Is #MeantToMove


Every Body Is #MeantToMove